Volume / Mega / Jumbo - all our vehicles have 300cm internal transport height, while the side loading height during the loading is possible to lift even up to 350 cm thanks to the lift roof in 4 points for easier maneuvering during loading. It is also possible to load by side, rear and roof. Thanks to the Edscha system and portal doors of our vehicles are in very short time ready for Load or unload. In numbers : by the back doors for 30 seconds, by roof in for 60 seconds and by the side for 90 seconds.
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Eco awareness -all vehicles using AD-Blue to reduce CO2 emissions and meet the Euro 6 standards to let us directly participate in the protection of nature and environment. We are also a member of Green Freight Europe in order to contribute to global reduction of CO2 emissions.
Loading area - keeping a track of all the latest standards of cargo freight forwadrding safety, DIN EN 12642 Code XL cover tarp and upgrades to Multilock system for securing cargo. Also all vehicles have equipment for cargo securing: STF 500 DAN belts combined with ergo clamps, plastic brackets, and clamping boards for securing or separation of cargo.

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Reliability - all vehicles are in daily visual inspection by the driver and once a week a woorkshop performs a detailed inspection, also quarterly in a year by the authorized controllers.
The vehicles are also equipped with a maximum of all the equipment for the vehicle and driver to always be prepared for emergency situations. Control over the fleet management using GPS gives maximum information related to the above mentioned aspects of transportation.
Quickly and easily check the status and location of your shipment within the EU at any time.



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Office and delivery address : Koprivnička 2



OIB/VAT Nr. : HR99974697179

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  • Tel. 00385/42/331-086
  • Tel. 00385/42/331-084
  • Fax. 00385/42/303-086 analog
  • Fax. 00385/42/303-087 digital
  • 24h Mobile 00385/98/379-399


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